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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I was at the backstage.
I could hear the crowd cheering for me, just waiting for me to get on stage.
"Jason, Jason, Jason." they were chanting.
I closed my eyes. I was nervous.

This was my first solo performance , but for the crowd it didnt seem to be.
"Jason, Jason, Jason." they continued chanting.

My heart began to race. My legs were shaking. My whole body was trembling.

The host patted me on the back and went on stage.
Just a few seconds to go, I thought.

The host started telling the crowd about me. My talent, the surprise and about my previous performance.
I still couldn't believe how my last performance with Katie was a huge success. We had performed two songs, A Day With You and Letters from Nowhere, where she had provided the vocals and I had played the guitar. The crowd just loved us. But this time, I was performing on my own. Playing as well as singing on my own.

"And here he is--Jason Chapman." I heard the host saying.
I took a deep breath and went on stage.
This was it.
It was time for me to shine.


One day, someone would be chanting my name. Someday.
It's my dream to perform on stage at least once :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been misunderstood A LOT! And that really gets on my nerves. Wanted to post a blog on this, just to express my thoughts.

If you chat on the mobile, there are some HIGH chances that you will be misunderstood. Yes, there are smileys and emoticons, but they cant express feelings properly most of the times. Say, I am having a serious conversation with a person, sometimes that person might feel like I am laughing at him/her (even though I am also serious) and vice versa. This results into me being misunderstood and that person being angry at me. The smileys CANT save us all the time. That's why never have a serious conversation with someone while sms'ing. NEVER!
If you want proof that this might happen to you, take MY VERY OWN EXAMPLE!! I have learnt my lesson!