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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(P.S. I wrote this first, and then typed it...so...many references...)
Does someone write P.S. in the beginning? :|


I dont know what to write. My mind is on a writer's strike. Though I dont have anything to write, my pen is making my hand move.... :| Wait, that didn’t sound right, my hand is making my pen move. I still have nothing to write, but I’m still writing. Why am I writing? STOP! Why am I STILL writing? OK, JUST STOP! AHHH!!! My pen has mysterious dark powers, It is controlling my hand…! My hand wont ever stop now! I would keep on writing till I get married. Oh :| Or until the refill gets over :|

Marriage? >_> Hmm…it has 4 vowels. You don’t know what vowels are? :O There are 5 of em, a, e, I, o, u. Sometimes Y is a vowel too :| I remember one time when I wrote “an year” and people started attacking me that it should be “a year” and that “y isn’t a vowel.” Then I counter attacked and showed them a link which my best friend Google had. Then they were like this :|….

:| I think this is my favorite smiley :| See, I keep on using it again and again :| See, again :| Again! :O Ok :|

I still don’t have anything to write. I have great ideas in my head, but I want that *drum beats* SPARK!! I’m falling asleep. Zzzzzzz. Why do we write zzzzz? We don’t make noise that goes like zzzzz when we sleep. A snore sounds like S~N~O~R~E. Hmmm…..the word rose is in Snore :O Even Ron (:S), On, NOS (:S)

Gibberish! All gibberish!!

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Womp who?
You womp be able to write good stuff ever again!!! *evil laugh*

Me: Noooooooooooo!!!!
Womp: Yes! I will curse you in such a way that you wont be able to writer good stuff ever again!
Me: Uh…you just said that >_>
Womp: *roars*
Me: WHOA! I thought you were a witch. You roar?
Womp: I will curse you in such a way—
Me: ..that you wont be able to write good stuff ever again! *roars*
Womp: Even in your exam….
Me: *thinks* Well…that’s good. I want that to happen. I hate it when people call me a scholar anyway (though I’m not but they don’t believe it)

*pointless conversation continues until Womp finally gives up and disappears from my doorstep* Poor chap, should have invited him in atleast.

*turns on the PC and plays the Sims*
One wonderful game. You earn and get a job in a jiffy. You make friends in a jiffy. You make girlfriends in a jiffy. You make love in a jiffy. Get married, have babies, and die in a jiffy.
*conditions applied. The length of the jiffy is subjected to change whenever you change the time settings.*

I’m still writing. I think I should really stop now. Should I? I think I should. *places pen on book. But the pen magically returns to my hand* :O
AHHH!!! AHHHHHHH!!! A MAGICAL PEN!!! It really has dark powers.
RIP Viveck. You would be remembered as the guy who wrote too much.

*waits to be taken to heaven, but goes to hell instead* :O
WAIT, DON’T TAKE ME! I’m a good guy!!! *Thousands of devil hands try to drag me inside*
Nooo!!! I won’t let you. *acts like Kratos and escaped the hands of thousands of devils. Enters earth again*

WHO DID THIS TO ME? I WILL GET MY REVENGE! Wait a sec, I was supposed to be dead :| Oh well, new life. YAY!

*thinks* Instead of writing gibberish, I should have written a good new story*

Wait..Womp failed to curse me. So why am I still writing? Why is the pen still controlling my hand? :O

PEN! *I shout*
WHAT? *it replies*
Pen: Of course I do idiot. I’m tired of writing all this nonsense.
Me: Then stop writing.
Pen: I cant douchebag!
Me: Whaaaa?
Pen: Don’t whaa me idiot! It controls me. My heart controls me. You have to remove it, so that me can be free.
*Heart? Pen’s have feelings? They love, and even have se--*
Me: >_> How…do…I…do…that? *awkwardly*
Pen: You remove my heart. Open my bottom and remove my heart.
Me: *I understood….the refill.*
Pen: But you’d die Pen…do you want that?
Pen: Oh shut up will you? And let me be free.
Me: Really? Are you sure?
Pen: Of course, you fuking idiot!
*Great! I get abused by my pen*
Me: If that’s what you want.
*carefully I open his bottom… :| his “bottom” OMG! I hope he doesn’t get turned on. I slid my hand inside…OMG!....and pull out the refill and threw it away quickly*

The pen lay lifeless. Poor thing. He had to write all the gibberish in the end. Well…the good thing is that his last moments were “exciting” *I turned a pen on :| Eeww!*

Oh boy! Now I AM FREE! With the pen gone…WAIT A SEC! I’M STILL HOLDING THE PEN!!! HELPPPPP!!!!!!