Don't you ever talk shit about Coldplay. It'll be your last day on earth. Huge Arctic Monkeys fan here. Crazy Inception fan. Don't you ever say that cartoons and anime are only for kids. I read a lot, I game a lot, I play a lot, I'm a movie buff, I listen to music 24/7. So WHAT? I have messy hair, what's it to you?

Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Year End Blog

2010…What an year it was. Did a lot of things! (Not everything -__-) Anyway, 10 hours to go for 2011 :D YAY! I will start my year end blog with,


2008 was a gaming year for me. 2009 was an anime year for me. And 2010 was a movie year for me. I saw 107 movies this year. Yeahhh!!! A new record, because in 2008 I saw about 75 movies, and in 2009 I had seen only 55 movies (disappointing according to me) 2010 is definitely a movie year for me. Mostly I saw mystery/ thriller movie along with classical movies especially Alfred Hitchcock’s. But what made this year even more incredible? One word: INCEPTION.

My top 5 2010 movies:

5. Kick Ass

4. Toy Story 3

3. The Social Network

2. Shutter Island

1. Inception

Kick Ass. Amazing sound effects and amazing fighting scenes. Spotlight of the movie HITGIRL!!! :I never play!” She pawned everyone in the movie!!

Toy Story 3 is the best of the trilogy. Pixar doesn’t disappoint at all. When you see the movie, you wont even notice that they are actually toys. They feel like real people. And Pixar movies always make me cry. Spanish Buzz will always make my laugh :D I remember I was the only one who was “ROFL-ing” in the theaters filled with teeny kids.

The Social Network. When the movie is directed by David Fincher (Se7evn, Fight Club) it’s a must see. And I wasn’t wrong. It was great!! Though Mark Zuckerberg said that the story was not entirely true, it still gave us an idea on how Facebook was made. And oh boy, Justin Timberlake was good in the movie. Hate him though.

Shutter Island. Had read the book recently before the movie released. The book was amazing (coming to the part) And the movie didn’t disappoint. It even stayed true to the book and it was just like I imagined. “Why you all wet baby?”

Inception. Greatest movie of all time. I came, I saw, I fainted! I remember the first time seeing the movie. I couldn’t even breathe after the ending. Literally. I was ONLY thinking about Inception. Christopher Nolan outdid himself in this one. Easy to admit, it’s even better than The Dark Knight. Hell! It’s the greatest movie of all time according to me. I couldn’t get enough of it, so I saw Inception 2 more times in theaters. And totally, I saw Inception 8 times today this year. I even bought the DVD. I only need the totem now. (Inception even made y research about dreams even more).

Apart from these movies, I also saw some good flicks like Sherlock Holmes, The Hurt Locker, Casablanca, Psycho, How to Train your Dragon, Iron Man 2, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Se7ev, Pulp Fiction, Zombieland, The Town and HP: DH.

Bottom 4 of 2010:

4. Land of the Dead

3. The Blair Witch Project

2. New Moon

1. Eclipse.

Twlight fans, BRING IT ON!!!


Best book for me this year would be Shutter Island. Completed this book in 5 days ( a new record for me) The ending was terrific. I was like “BULLSHIT” :O Contest, The Interpretation of Murder, Cell and The Good Guy were also good books.

This year I also started writing. Nightfall was my first short story. Then, I went on writing new stuff :D My personal favorite is The Ghost who Wanted a Picture and Runaway.

P.S. Didnt read any manga :(


This was not particularly an anime year for me. I had seen 23 anime series last year. This year I only saw 8 anime series. And the best was Samurai Champloo, Mushishi and Lovely Complex. Hope 2010 is an anime year for me again.

Mio and Yiu. Moe Moe Kyun! HAD TO SAY IT :D :D :D


2010 was also a music year for me. Mainly because I discovered many new bands I started loving and also because of my guitar :D It was on May, I bought my Pluto Acoustic :D My Gitah :D Started classes from July and since then, I have to admit it, I have developed my ears for music. Till last year, I only used to listen. But since this year, I listen more. (Don’t know how to put this in words :|) You develop a special bond with your guitar. Even if the guitar gets a scratch, I go “WHOA NOOOOOOO!!!” Started learning guitar right from the basic leads, to chords and arpeggios. This year I’m definitely going to perform somewhere!!!!

The new bands I became a great fan of were Arctic Monkeys. First song I listened was “I bet you look good on the dance floor” in VH1 and since that day I have listened to almost all of their songs even the B-sides :D Apart from Arctic Monkeys, I became a fan of Arcade Fire, The Strokes, The National and Spoon! Coldplay remains in the number 1 spot. Viva la Coldplay :D I found my “place” in music too which is alternate rock, post punk revival and indie rock! And I’m no gangsta and dawg. Please -__- That’s not me.


Sadly, this was not a gaming year for me at all. I have a dud PC at home, and I’m tired of playing the old games in my PS2. Still had a great time with Shadow of the Colossus. I did play many other new games in my friends place. Call of duty modern Warfare, NFS Shift, Batman Arkham Asylum, RE5, Crysis, Far Cry 2, Battlefield Bad Company, Medal of Honor, DiRt, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Mirror’s Edge and many more.


Whoa! Long blog, this is turning out to be :O That’s why I’m going to write this section in a nutshell.

Jan – June : SKIP! Don’t even want to talk about it! Nuff said.

*May : Bought my guitar :D

June – December : I became a college student officially. I’m glad I chose BBA over BCA. MSU BBA is the best!!! I don’t know how my life would be now if I wasn’t in MSU BBA. I met lots of new friends in college, and a few folks became my very good friends :) (You guys rock my life!!) 2010 was a movie year for me, like I said before, but it’s also a “friends” year :D Had a great time with you all! First year will be an adventures year. I bunked a lot! A LOT!!! Yep, there were exams, every month, but we still had fun and roamed around the city :P

SANKALP. I became a part of the editorial team of my college’s annual magazine. And oh boy, 4 months of unforgettable memories :)

P.S. College rocks. School sucks!

2010 was also a year of two coincidence. One was a BIGGIE :O

And this year, for the first time, a friend of mine actually loved the gift I gave. It feels really good, to see that look on a friends face (the big smile, the surprise), after working on a gift for days :)

Sachin Tendulkar. 2010 was his year. He broke so many records. I will always remember his 200* against South Africa. Only a legend like him can hit a double century in ODIs. You're THE MAN :D

That’s about it. I will wrap up my year end blog. 2010 started off with a big BAD (bad bad bad) BANG but ended with a BIG WONDERFUL BANG :D

Welcome 2011. Goodbye 2010.

(Man, we are getting old >_>)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stupid Blog.

8.45AM. Alarm. *Snooze*
8.55AM. Alarm. *Snooze*
9:05AM. Alarm. Mobile Alarm. *Snooze*
9:10AM. Mobile Alarm. *Turns off*
9:15AM. Alarm. *Turns off*
10:30AM. Wakes up.

I 'try' to wake up. Then close my eyes again, but after a while I get up and turn on the monitor screen of my PC with my sleepy eyes. Before that I check my cellphone. Fwd good morning messages. And some spam messages. (Hmm...) I The first think I do is click on my Facebook bookmark. And open Twitter, IMDB and Wikipedia in multiple tabs. (Yes, I'll explain every detail :x Cause this is a stupid blog)

Hmm....5 notifications. Oh, new photos to see. Oh he looks drunk. Hey, she's cute. Why why WHY do they tag me in unnecessary photos? OMG! Why do they say "thanks for the tag"? Everywhere I see there's thnx, thnxx, thnxxxxxxxxxx, thnkssssssssssssss.

Twitter. #nowplaying Runaway by The National. (Wait a sec, this is blogger , not twitter you idiot) I see the trending topics. #boomshakalaka. Oh yeah!! IMDB. New pictures, cool. *clicks on movie page* *gives rating* *sees IMB answers*

Note : When I see a "difficult to understand movie" (eg, Christopher Nolan movies) I research about it. I visit Wiki and IMDB. See the synopsis and everything. Then, I see the movie. After seeing the movie, if I say "Hey, I dont get this part. Why did he do such a thing", the first thing I do is go to IMDB answers. And then I say "Oh! Now I get it!!!"

Wikipedia. I go through the featured article and the picture of the day. If something is good, I click on it and go through it again....in detail! I see the pictures again...in detail.

I get up. Brush my teeth. (Yep, I open my FB first *rolls eyes*) I turn on my monitor screen again. Listen to some songs while surfing the net...and FB'ing...again.

Note: My favorite bands: Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Spoon, Green Day, The Killers, Arcade Fire, The Beatles, and Oasis.

I go to my room, and start playing my guitar ( :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ). I turn on my speakers, and cover some songs. (About a Girl and A Lonely September, Yellow cover coming soon) The first thing I do when I have my guitar with me is play the little solo of 505. For those of you who have a guitar with you now, here are the tabs. High E string. 12-10-8-7-5. Then, I play the A chord.

I go outside for a round to buy some stuff. I am greeted by just three words by everyone. "Where's your hair??" (It went for a walk....a loooooong walk :D) My friends, the neighbours, the watchman, the car washed-wala, the fruit wala, the rikshaw wala. Everyone asked me the same question. (One guy even said that, you shouldnt have cut your hair. You were my role model.)

Note: I hadnt cut my hair for 4 months, and when you decide to grow your hair, you will get all sorts of comments from everyone. You're looking like a star from the '70s. (Hey, alteast I look like a star.) And comments like, "OMG! You're looking like a girl. Look at your messy hair. CUT IT NOW!!!! One time, an employee in a petrol pump said, "Oh! Look at your hair. It's the new style or what?" And another guy from a cafe said, "Oh wow! You're looking like that guy from those hair gel advertisements. (I dont apply gel, but still...) You feel good when you get comments like these :P

Now, I'm waiting for everyone to say "OMG! LOOK AT YOUR HAIR!" in college after a few days. Sigh!! Hey, everyone cuts their hair. Chris Martin had long hair, now he's almost bald. And the reverse for Alex Turner. Look at Eames. Look at Jamie Cook...not now. But you should have seen him 2 years before :P Look at Homer. Who has (( as hair. Look at EMMA WATSON!! Next haircut : March.

I reach home. Think of a new story. Hmmm...yes, yes, this is good. Finally, got a new story to write. He will do this, now he will do this, he gets killed...ZzZZZZZZzzzz......I doze off. When I wake up, I cry out loud, "Hey, I forgot my own story!!!"

In the evening I go for my guitar class. Love it! Meet all folks and a good friend who I can discuss music with and even jam with :D (Currently learning sheet music :D)

Note: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Nighttime. Thinking of a movie to see. Hmm....I have seen 14 movies so far this month. (Seen Inception 6 times already. I HAD TO SAY THIS :D) I see some zombie movies. Zombieland, Shaun of the dead, Dawn of the Dead. Best I have seen so far this month is Pulp Fiction. (Apart from Inception)

I read a zombie book Cell. Then think of a new story. Hey...yes, yes. Finally! He goes to the bank to get money, he bumps into a man with a gun...ZzZZZZzzzzz.....I doze off.

Next day. DAMN! Forgot my story again!!!

Stupid blog this.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friendship Day??

Happy Friendship Day everyone...NOT.

Why do we celebrate friendship day? Why do we have to tell that we are someone's friend during this day? Do we need to prove our friendship during this day? And why do we have to wear those friendship bands? Do we really have to prove our friendship by giving friends friendship bands?

I think not. Foe me, there's no need of celebrating Friendship Day. Not because I hate it, it's just because we celebrate it everyday. Earlier, I used to like those shining friendship bands, and those variety of other bands. And I was sometimes jealous when I saw people wearing more friendship bands than me (uh...not always...just sometimes -__-) But now when I think of it, I was acting stupid.

Without my friends, my life is incomplete. I dont know...dont have the slightest clue of how would I be now, and where would I be now, without my friends. I think I would be a totally different person.

Friends are everything. They are an important part of our lives. We have a fight with our friends, but just within hours, we start talking again, WITHOUT saying sorry. Friendship doesnt need the "five letter s word" at all. Sometimes we feel like we dont want to meet our friends, but when we meet them, we feel like spending time with them for hours.

I have a fat friend, a friend who works out a lot, a computer addict, a friend who gets angry within seconds (It's scary...seriously!), a music lover, a friend who talks on the mobile a lot (Even when he is driving!!), a friend who is ambitious, a photographer, a good artist, a singer, a dancer, a friend who is always hungry, and a friend who is ready to do crazy things anytime. These guys can make me smile even in the most depressing situation :D

You really learn a lot from your friends. To be honest, 2010 was kinda a tough year for me. During this time, I realized who my true friends really were. My friends were always there for me, and always will be :D

One bad thing about friendship is that, time flies by so quickly when we are spending time with out friends. Two hours feels like two minutes. Even after being in a stupid/crazy/scary/dangerous situation, we laugh out loud in the end.

When you have close friends, you talk about anything and everything And it always happens that, we forget to say particular things to our friends when we meet them.

Sometimes, I smile for no reason, but there IS a reason behind it. I smile because I have such "awesome" people in my life.

So a toast to my friends--YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD! :D :D

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I was at the backstage.
I could hear the crowd cheering for me, just waiting for me to get on stage.
"Jason, Jason, Jason." they were chanting.
I closed my eyes. I was nervous.

This was my first solo performance , but for the crowd it didnt seem to be.
"Jason, Jason, Jason." they continued chanting.

My heart began to race. My legs were shaking. My whole body was trembling.

The host patted me on the back and went on stage.
Just a few seconds to go, I thought.

The host started telling the crowd about me. My talent, the surprise and about my previous performance.
I still couldn't believe how my last performance with Katie was a huge success. We had performed two songs, A Day With You and Letters from Nowhere, where she had provided the vocals and I had played the guitar. The crowd just loved us. But this time, I was performing on my own. Playing as well as singing on my own.

"And here he is--Jason Chapman." I heard the host saying.
I took a deep breath and went on stage.
This was it.
It was time for me to shine.


One day, someone would be chanting my name. Someday.
It's my dream to perform on stage at least once :D

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have been misunderstood A LOT! And that really gets on my nerves. Wanted to post a blog on this, just to express my thoughts.

If you chat on the mobile, there are some HIGH chances that you will be misunderstood. Yes, there are smileys and emoticons, but they cant express feelings properly most of the times. Say, I am having a serious conversation with a person, sometimes that person might feel like I am laughing at him/her (even though I am also serious) and vice versa. This results into me being misunderstood and that person being angry at me. The smileys CANT save us all the time. That's why never have a serious conversation with someone while sms'ing. NEVER!
If you want proof that this might happen to you, take MY VERY OWN EXAMPLE!! I have learnt my lesson!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Writing stories.

I wrote my first story when I was 6 or 7. Previously, I was writing these kiddish stories about Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Tweety, Tom and Jerry, Dexter's Lab and some Pokemon stories. They were absolutely rubbish, heck, I even wrote a big poem when I was in my 5th grade about "A pup named Brownie" >_> Well...I thought they were all cool at that time haha

I never wrote after that, I mainly wrote blogs in Gamespot, and wrote reviews about games and anime. But the only review which was "mature" was Shadow of the Colossus. Check out my review in Gamespot if you like, or here's the link. :P

After an year, I came across many stories written by my friends. And I had to admit, I was really "influenced" by them :P Then one day, it just happened. I had a really cool idea in my head, and I started writing :D And this time, it was not kiddish.

I wrote about a guy who is being chased by a mysterious "figure" at night time. A thriller short story. There are some references of 2001: A Space Odyssey in it and the writing style of Matthew Reiley (in the last part) I wrote it in 2 hours, and after writing it, I felt a "feeling of achievement" :P
Everybody liked my story, family n friends, even my tuition teachers (uh...they are not those old typical teachers). People said, they were just sucked into it!! Whoa!

After some weeks, I started thinking about writing a new story. But I didnt get any ideas. Nothing popped in my head, dhimag ki bhatti nahi jalli. Was thinking about some action adventure story. Even got some ideas, but I didnt know how to make a story of it. Then one night, before reaching home I just happened to see the sky. EUREKA. Got an idea. And even formed half the story in my head :D

This time I was serious. I wanted it to be way better than the first one. So I spent almost an entire week writing and typing my story. (I first write my story in a tiny notebook, and then type it) It was even the first time I included dialogues. I wrote it and wrote it, and when I completed it, it was 11 pages in MS Word :O

I have to say, I really enjoyed writing my second story.
I've got a Feeling.
It's a short romance\slice of life story about how a boy tells a girl how he feels about her. But why write a romance story for God's sake? Just because "I luv love stories" :P . I love rom/com anime, much more than rom/com movies.
And yes.... You will find some references of a Hindi movie in the last part (I wont say the name though, find it out yourself :P Though I was not thinking about the movie when I wrote the end), and Toradora (anime) or hey, references from you life too, maybe? If you know much about me, then you may find many references from my life as well.
When I posted it in FB, everybody loved it :D :D

So now, I am thinkig about a new story. Havent got any idea what to write. A sci-fi story? Psychological, action/adventure? Or a slice of life? I'm just waiting for a EUREKA moment again!!

That's all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Presentation and my first Interview.


So my sister came from Mumbai, and we too sat together yesterday noon and she told me what all questions the interviewers will ask. I prepared my answers very well, and I gave my presentations 21 times :O


Reached MSU BBA at 8:00. I met one friend there. Relief. I was not alone!! We were grouped in batches, and my friend and me got separated -_- But I made another friend after a few minutes haha. We had to wait for 2 hours for our turn to come. I filled up the forms, gave my certificates, got my "Registration number" I felt like I was going for an audition for American Idol >_> Anyway, what did I do for 2 hours? Just had some "time-pass" with my new friend. Haha I even showed her my artworks and my short story :P I couldn't resist!

Then, we got separated. She went in one class, I in another. Damn!! Anyway, my turn came at about 10:05. I went in.
"May I come in?"
"Yes, you may."
"Good Morning"
"Good Morning to you too."

I gave my file, but Sir told me to stand near the podium and tell my speech. He told me to give a speech on Advertisements: Problems or Opportunities for business. (I just KNEW IT) I gave my presentation quite well :O Even one judge was smiling all through the presentation. I guess he liked me.
Then they asked me to sit down. And asked my some questions regarding the Pen and the Sword, Brand Wars, and Price and Demand. Gave all my answers correctly, well...sharp answers.

"Thank You Viveck, you can go now."
"Thank You Sir, Thank You Mam." :)

Then, I waited for my interview for 45 minutes again >_> But to my relief again, I found my first friend. We just had "time pass again" Again, I showed her my short story and artworks :P I couldnt resist!! Well, she asked what I am interested in anyway!

She had her interview first, then MY TURN.

Throughout my interview I had a smile like this :)
And throughout the interview the 3 interviewers also had a smile like this :) (Well, to my relief again, I was the 4th person they interview that day! So they were not impatient)

"May I come in?"
"Yes, yes, Please come in and have a seat."
"Yes Sir, thank you sir"

They told me to introduce myself, and they asked me all that I was expecting. Why do you want to do BBA? What after that? What do you know about BBA? What do you know about MSU BBA? I gave them sharp answers confidentially with a smile, and they asked me questions with a smile LOL
One Mam, also asked me to give a review on a certain book I read. (Cause I mentioned I write reviews and read books) I gave a mini0review of Shutter Island and gave a character description of Teddy and Chuck.

They asked me some questions again, some twisty questions . I answered all the questions twisty turvy haha!!

"Ok, Viveck, I hope we would be of great help to you in the future."
"Thank You Sir, Thank You Mam"

Then I went outside, and the first thing I did was:

YES!!!!!! *raising my fist in happiness*


" I want to talk to you, I want to spend the whole day with you. But I dont know what to talk about. And you have nothing to share with me. "


Friday, June 11, 2010


I became viveckvivu in 2005 when I first joined Gamespot. And after that, I have established myself as viveckvivu everywhere. Twitter, MAL, IGN, GiantBomb, EVERYWHERE!!

It's 5 years, and some people may think that "viveckvivu" is a kiddish username. But I dont care. I like it :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Social Networking Websites

Eh....just thought about writing something about social networking website.

To be honest, people are not what they seem. I mean, people act differently in the virtual world and act differently in reality. I have not met people like these before. That is why, I just don't add "random" people in websites.

And many people do find it weird, when one talks about online friends. What's the problem in that? I have a few good online friends, to be honest, I considered them as really good friends. We talk a lot, share our life stories and all :P (YOU GUYS ROCK!! :D) I even think about visiting some of them one day. I might just visit 2 of my friends after June :D Can't wait to talk to them!!

And we follow each other everywhere. I met my friends in Gamespot, then we met in Orkut, then Facebook, and then Twitter :P We are everywhere :P


Anyway, whenever I see articles of social newtowrking websites in newspapers, most of then are "rants" They say how these websites harm the young generation. Eg. the kidnappings, the murders. But it's their fault. Those people are just choosing "random"/"wrong" friends! Choose your friends properly!!

And these websites are surely addictive. I visit Twitter and FB, uh...I dont know how many times a day!! :P I even hear that there are rehabilitation centers for those who are suffering from FB addiction! I dont know if it's true or not, but I'm not like then, I assure you.

Just wanted to share my opinion. There were 45 presentation topics for BBA, and in it was "the influence of social networking websites". :P So I just wrote about it here, in a nutshell. hehe.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain!! :D

What a wonderful way to start a day. Well...when I woke up, there was no current. But the weather was cool, so I went outside to see Rain!!! Yes. Finally. Monsoon is here, and about time too!!! The temperature was 45.C-47.C here, I was in a microwave for days :X

There was no current, so I took some videos of the rain from my balcony. But then, I went outside in the rain and started clicking some more pics :D I love to walk in the rain :D And also, in the morning!!

And in some pics, the society in which I live, looked like a resort!!! My society completely changes during rainy season. There are trees all over the place, but water-logging problem -__-

Went back home. And then, started listening to some Coldplay songs. Perfect time to hear them. Sparks, A Message, Swallowed in the Sea, The Scientist. (BTW Coldplay is the best band EVER!!)

Rainy season sure reminds me of many things.

1. Max Payne 1 and 2. Completed both of these games in the rainy season, and that too, during the year in which Vadodara was half flooded! And the game even had a rainy feel to it (there was a snow storm in the game haha)

2. Honey and Clover. One of my favorite anime. Saw it for the first time during the month of June 2 years back! Whenever I listen to Waltz, I remember the rainy days when I used to listen to this song again and again (and I still do)

3. Toradora. Another one of my favorites! The episode in which it rained heavily, episode 5 I think, the episode in which Ami is introduced.

4. PoP:The Two Thrones. Last year, during "monsoon" vacation, I completed the game in one go!! Played continuously for 6 hours!!

5. Shadow of the Colossus. The EPIC EPIC EPIC final fight with the 16th colossus!!! Perfect scene for a boss fight. Dark, cloudy, and stormy weather it was in the game when I killed the final colossus! (in the game)

And some more things, which I dont remember now -__-

Anyway, the rain stopped. But it was still cloudy (it STILL is, and I love it!!) When I was walking in the rain, I got some new ideas for my new story (ahem...it's a light/romantic story, but I dont think it will turn out to be good -_-)

Then the lights came back. Bummer. Normal day begins again!! Bummer!!

In the evening too, me and my friend, after giving the BCA exam, went out to eat in the cloudy weather :D Then again went out for guitar classes in the cool weather!! I thought of going for a walk again during night time, but didnt!!

That's all for now. It sure feels weird here. I have written about 385 blogs in Gamespot. Sure feels different. Maye I should copy, paste this blog in GS? I feel like betraying Gamespot! O_O

P.S. I like listening to these "sound of rain" songs or sounds, or whatever they call it!!

P.S.2. Should I really stop blogging in Gamespot? :O

P.S.3. I hate changes. Really do!! :X

P.S.4. Not "seasonal" changes!