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Monday, June 28, 2010

Writing stories.

I wrote my first story when I was 6 or 7. Previously, I was writing these kiddish stories about Scooby Doo, Looney Tunes, Tweety, Tom and Jerry, Dexter's Lab and some Pokemon stories. They were absolutely rubbish, heck, I even wrote a big poem when I was in my 5th grade about "A pup named Brownie" >_> Well...I thought they were all cool at that time haha

I never wrote after that, I mainly wrote blogs in Gamespot, and wrote reviews about games and anime. But the only review which was "mature" was Shadow of the Colossus. Check out my review in Gamespot if you like, or here's the link. :P

After an year, I came across many stories written by my friends. And I had to admit, I was really "influenced" by them :P Then one day, it just happened. I had a really cool idea in my head, and I started writing :D And this time, it was not kiddish.

I wrote about a guy who is being chased by a mysterious "figure" at night time. A thriller short story. There are some references of 2001: A Space Odyssey in it and the writing style of Matthew Reiley (in the last part) I wrote it in 2 hours, and after writing it, I felt a "feeling of achievement" :P
Everybody liked my story, family n friends, even my tuition teachers (uh...they are not those old typical teachers). People said, they were just sucked into it!! Whoa!

After some weeks, I started thinking about writing a new story. But I didnt get any ideas. Nothing popped in my head, dhimag ki bhatti nahi jalli. Was thinking about some action adventure story. Even got some ideas, but I didnt know how to make a story of it. Then one night, before reaching home I just happened to see the sky. EUREKA. Got an idea. And even formed half the story in my head :D

This time I was serious. I wanted it to be way better than the first one. So I spent almost an entire week writing and typing my story. (I first write my story in a tiny notebook, and then type it) It was even the first time I included dialogues. I wrote it and wrote it, and when I completed it, it was 11 pages in MS Word :O

I have to say, I really enjoyed writing my second story.
I've got a Feeling.
It's a short romance\slice of life story about how a boy tells a girl how he feels about her. But why write a romance story for God's sake? Just because "I luv love stories" :P . I love rom/com anime, much more than rom/com movies.
And yes.... You will find some references of a Hindi movie in the last part (I wont say the name though, find it out yourself :P Though I was not thinking about the movie when I wrote the end), and Toradora (anime) or hey, references from you life too, maybe? If you know much about me, then you may find many references from my life as well.
When I posted it in FB, everybody loved it :D :D

So now, I am thinkig about a new story. Havent got any idea what to write. A sci-fi story? Psychological, action/adventure? Or a slice of life? I'm just waiting for a EUREKA moment again!!

That's all!


  1. I'm waiting for the EUREKA moment too. =)

  2. I had the Eureka moment a week ago. Wrote an 8 page story. Need to finish it :D

  3. U write really well...!!!
    I loved it...