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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Presentation and my first Interview.


So my sister came from Mumbai, and we too sat together yesterday noon and she told me what all questions the interviewers will ask. I prepared my answers very well, and I gave my presentations 21 times :O


Reached MSU BBA at 8:00. I met one friend there. Relief. I was not alone!! We were grouped in batches, and my friend and me got separated -_- But I made another friend after a few minutes haha. We had to wait for 2 hours for our turn to come. I filled up the forms, gave my certificates, got my "Registration number" I felt like I was going for an audition for American Idol >_> Anyway, what did I do for 2 hours? Just had some "time-pass" with my new friend. Haha I even showed her my artworks and my short story :P I couldn't resist!

Then, we got separated. She went in one class, I in another. Damn!! Anyway, my turn came at about 10:05. I went in.
"May I come in?"
"Yes, you may."
"Good Morning"
"Good Morning to you too."

I gave my file, but Sir told me to stand near the podium and tell my speech. He told me to give a speech on Advertisements: Problems or Opportunities for business. (I just KNEW IT) I gave my presentation quite well :O Even one judge was smiling all through the presentation. I guess he liked me.
Then they asked me to sit down. And asked my some questions regarding the Pen and the Sword, Brand Wars, and Price and Demand. Gave all my answers correctly, well...sharp answers.

"Thank You Viveck, you can go now."
"Thank You Sir, Thank You Mam." :)

Then, I waited for my interview for 45 minutes again >_> But to my relief again, I found my first friend. We just had "time pass again" Again, I showed her my short story and artworks :P I couldnt resist!! Well, she asked what I am interested in anyway!

She had her interview first, then MY TURN.

Throughout my interview I had a smile like this :)
And throughout the interview the 3 interviewers also had a smile like this :) (Well, to my relief again, I was the 4th person they interview that day! So they were not impatient)

"May I come in?"
"Yes, yes, Please come in and have a seat."
"Yes Sir, thank you sir"

They told me to introduce myself, and they asked me all that I was expecting. Why do you want to do BBA? What after that? What do you know about BBA? What do you know about MSU BBA? I gave them sharp answers confidentially with a smile, and they asked me questions with a smile LOL
One Mam, also asked me to give a review on a certain book I read. (Cause I mentioned I write reviews and read books) I gave a mini0review of Shutter Island and gave a character description of Teddy and Chuck.

They asked me some questions again, some twisty questions . I answered all the questions twisty turvy haha!!

"Ok, Viveck, I hope we would be of great help to you in the future."
"Thank You Sir, Thank You Mam"

Then I went outside, and the first thing I did was:

YES!!!!!! *raising my fist in happiness*


  1. I guess I should control my extra happiness now. What if I dont get? >_>

  2. I think you've done pretty well. Don't worry, you'll get through =)

  3. You got through!!! :)

    hmmm... Nice one again!!

    Hey by the way...that FRIEND??? Did she got selected??? ;)