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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I feel like writing...finally....in the middle of the night. I get less distracted during night time....and yes without coffee that is. But I still feel lazy. Ah anyway...gotta finish this blog, cause yesterday I said Tomorrow.

Here I go....

Whats up with my life? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. I've been jobless and lifeless since October after Sankalp got over. I didnt get involved in anything, didnt participate in anything. Baazigar Season 6 came, but I didnt participate. Just helped a LITTLE bit. Main reason I didnt play Baazigar was I didnt get a team, but another reason might be that I didnt wanted to play at all. Other thing? I was too lazy I suppose.
To do list : Stop acting freakin lazy.

Then, my friend offered me an idea to start a movie club with him. I shirked it away thinking it was a huge project, and it needed time to focus upon. Another reason? I was too lazy. But now I do feel like, giving it a second thought. A movie club? Sounds really good. Especially when you have a club that is filled with movie buffs.
To do list : Call the guy who you plan to make a movie club with.
Difficulty : Easy

Been playing the guitar. Made a little progress in these months. I can stand and play...better. And I got used to power chords. But I need a challenge. Need to try a harder song. So yesterday I started learning Street Spirit (Fade Out) by Radiohead. My friend said it would be challenging, and it is.
To do list : Learn Street Spirit.
Difficulty : HARD

I have been listening to The Beatles since last week. They are in one word...Legen-waitforit-DARY! I downloaded all their albums. Heard 2 of them. Let it Be and Revolver. (I have a big poster of Revolver with me too :D) Need to listen to all of their albums. 12 of em.
To do list : Listen to The Beatles. All albums.
Difficulty : Easy

Back again to where I was. I havent done anything for the past 4 months. Have to join my guitar class again. But I dont know what to learn there. Leads? Scales? Solos? Maybe yes.
Ok, stop it. I should cut it out with this maybe shit. And the thinking shit.
I gotta do it. But I dont. DAMN!!!

Last month I saw 9 movies. And I havent seen anything this month. Best so far was Midnight in Paris. It literally takes you to those "golden ages". It has a beautiful OST as well. I should see more movies. I should read books. I should write more. I should stop with this Facebook shit. (Yes, I dont use Facebook much nowadays :O I am addicted to 9GAG more now :O) But still I get distracted. Fuck you cellphone. Facebook, and the "other stuff (a lot)" -_-
I am not able to do anything because of you guys. Get outta here.

The thing is if I had a laptop, I'd be doing lots of things right now. I'd have written a lot, and seen movies, and practiced and recorded a hell lotta more. I have my PC in the living room, and for recording, I have to come with the amp and guitars to the living room. I dont get enough space. And for the first time the neightbour complained about the "noise". (C'mon you are getting to hear free music...GOOD music...so shut up and listen to it.)

Time to join CAT classes. But I am still thinking about it. Joining guitar class? Still thinking about it.
Thats why in my notice board yesterday I printed out a quote, "Yesterday you said tomorrow." It somehow worked. Cause I was thinking about getting a haircut, and I did. And its not that weird. A relief.

I am bored of my life. But yes, I need to stop being LAZY and JUST DO IT. ( -_-)
Thats all. Sorry for my harsh language, if you found it harsh :|