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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Year End Blog

Finally writing the End of The Year blog. Was too lazy to write but hey, this is my tradition. Writing End of the Year blog since years.

2011, a year of ups and downs. A year in which I showed all these emotions. :|

Right from,
Fuck Yeah.
Challenge Accepted.
Problem? :D
Not bad.
True Story.
Everything went better than expected.
Okay :(
Forever Alone :'(
Y U NO? :x
But I'll stop here :P
2011 has been an year of Gibberish blogs too -.-

Moving on :|


Compared to 2010, 2011 was not quite good for movies. Saw around 83 movies (had seen around 107 movies last year *record* ahem) but didnt come across movies like Inception, Toy Story...EPIC movies. Pixar also disappointed this year with Cars 2. Superhero movies like Thor, X Men First Class were :D . Sequels like Kung Fu Panda 2 was "AWESOME",Hangover 2 was blah. PoTC4 was just good. Transformers3 was shit. 2011 also marked the end of Harry Potter movies. It didnt end with a BANG, it ended silently :S Well all HP movies from HBP have been silent, but well directed too. Movies like Sucker Punch and Source Code were good. Came across epic movies like ZNMD and TinTin. In the end, Don 2 was just as good as the first one.

Top movies of 2011:

5) Delhi Belly (way better than expected and very (link))
4) X Men First Class (Not a major X Men fan, but this was pretty good)
3) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Directed by Brad Bird (Director of some of the greatest Pixar movies and many episodes of The Simpsons) People expected this to be shit, but c'mon its BRAD BIRD. And this movie was THRILLING!!!)
2) The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Its Tintin. Nuff said.)
1) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Blew my mind! Wanted to LIVE LIFE after seeing the movie. Inspired me.)

Also saw some great movies like Moon, Buried, 127 Hours ,Black Swan, The King's Speech, Fast Five, Blade Runner, Dum Maaro Dum, and many more :|


ok...its 10:35pm now...


2009 was an year of anime. 2010 was an year of movies. 2011 was an year of MUSIC :D
Continuing from where I left in 2010, this year I traveled deeper into rock music. Got more into "non-mainstream" music. After exploring for a while, I finally found my "place" in music too :D
Came across many good bands like The Ramones, Magazine, Neu, Grizzly Bear, The xx.Listened to Galaxie 500, Thee Oh Sees, Gabin, Beach House and much more. But the best new band I discovered in 2011...

Came across a song The Plains_Bitter Dance in someone's FB profile, and I immediately loved it. Fleet Foxes was new to me. I had never heard much folk before too. You could really imagine a rural, town/village surrounded by vast mountains and forests while listening to this :D

Yes. I had never heard Led Zeppelin before except for Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir. Started listening to them after hearing The Battle of Evermore. (Actually I came across a Mandolin cover of the song in Youtube) Became a fan of the band in December only :|

and then....
some of my favorite bands released new albums this year...starting with:

Radiohead: The King of Limbs.
They did it again with something different...yet again :D

The Strokes: Angles
Ok album...with some good songs.

Arctic Monkeys: Suck it and See.
Great album. But after they released their album, they kinda went crazy.

and then...
after a long wait...
after many delays...
Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto :D
First song from the album I hears was Every Teardrop is a Waterfall in July, when they released it along with Major Minus and Moving to Mars. My first reaction before listening to the song was :D x10. Then....30 seconds in the song...I was like o.O . Coldplay? :S SYNTH! But the song became me favourite...it PUMPS YOU UP BABY!!! Heard the live versions of Charlie Brown, Hurts like Heaven too in July. Then Paradise was released during September, and it was "OH YEAH!". (and the song released at the right time as well.)

They released their album finally in October. Perfect Diwali gift (and again...perfect time. Right after an unforgettable Sanklalp 2011 launch.)
A Concept album, ambient, more guitar, and more group-ish songs , MX was really worth the wait. I was in Mylo Xyloto mode for 2 months after than :P


I got a Fender Squier BulletStrat (Sunburst) along with a Roland Cube 20xl amp for my birthday (belated birthday present :D). I have a Fender baby :D My guitar journey continuing smoothly :| Learnt some new techniques...practiced less this year (well....very little after September.) But there aint a day I dont play my guitar :P
I still havent made many of my own music...but I kept trying. 2012 includes one resolution: Make your own music :|

Even recorded a song in the studio in the month of May!!
Musically, 2011 was an awesome year :D

exactly 11:00pm now. Feeling good. Listening to The National and Grizzly Bear. And its so cold, so cold...(that song always pops in my mind :|)


2011 was an year of tv shows. Saw How I Met Your Mother Season 1-6 many many many times. And I kept on relating my life to the series again and again :| True Story.

Saw The Big Bang Theory Season 1-4 many many many times. Hated it. Dont know why I kept on seeing it.

Just finished two novels this year. Fear the Worst and The Good Guy. Both were good thrillers. And again, inspired me to keep on writing. I wrote the prelude of "Suspicion" after reading these two books. I wrote "The Wrong Road" (the type of story I really like to write :P) Currently, I am writing a new one. Havent decided on the name. But its inspired by Baccano, the anime. Dont know when I will finish it.

Also read half novels like The Paris Enigma, The Somnambulist, The Godfather, Taken, Cell, and The Hobbit (Awesome book. Will finish it soon :D).


2011 started with Winter Fiesta and Baazigar. Totally enjoyed doing business for 12 hours or more than that :P Without anything going wrong. Then Picnic to Mt.Abu (fun fun fun). (My :| Not a good year for Rebecca Black :P)

2011 was an year of more responsibility. Sankalp 2011- Colours of Emotions. My second year of Sankalp, and it was better than the last year. Had the "greatest team ever" and the time working with those guys will be unforgettable. Worked our asses of for almost 3 months. In this time, I even got to be a part of making a short film (kinda :S) , stop motion animation thingy. I got my hands on spray cans as well. (perfect timing) Got to make graffiti too :D

So on concrete canvas under cover of dark
On a concrete canvas, I go making my mark
Armed with the spray can soul
I'll be armed with the spray can soul

11:35pm now....

What else?

INDIA WON THE FUCKING WORLD CUP! The whole country went crazy for a month. Had a feeling from the start that India would definitely reach the finals. and they even WON IT! After and durin the semis, the whole country stopped working. And mass bunks was normal in colleges :P

College life has been good. Had a good group. No have. Had. AHH! Its something like a "coming of age hindi movie flick now" :S

Made new friends. Friends became best friends too :)

2011 was an year of negativity too. Mainly because of two reasons. But when I think of it, these two reasons are also the reason why 2011 was so awesome as well :|

2011 was an year of long hair.

Year of becoming more crazy and weird as well :P

It was an year of troll faces and internet memes.

An year of shitty viral songs :|

Death of Osama and Gadaffi.

Had an accident as well this year. Not serious.

Wasnt an year for anime :|

an year where Fb changed alot :|
and Google+ flopped :|

Wasnt an year of gaming as well.

It rained a lot :|

Navratri was good.

Diwali was way better :D

..and well...that's pretty much I can think of right now.

OMG! It's already New Year!!

Final thoughts on 2011. Good and bad. Happy and Sad.

2012 is here.
We made it ;)

*Damn! Something is up with my blog. I edit it and it doesnt get saved :S*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gibberish 3

Long time no blog. Wrote my last one months ago.
How was I before?
What? How do you feel now?
Why do you ask?
I dont know? You seem...
I'm fine.
AHHH! An instant reply. Which means you're lying.
See. Another quick reply.
Ok. fine. You got me.
So you're not feeling wonderful?
No...um...I feel really good.
I dont think so...you're lying again.
WTF? First, I replied quickly and you said it was a lie, and now a slow reply, and again??
Calm down.
Calm down, boy. What's the problem?
You'e not Achmad, the dead terrorist.
How do you know. about that?
Forget about him.
I dont know anything.
5 major tests coming up, and I dont know anything.
What else...?
How do you---?
I know...what else, boy?
I've an assignment and I have to go out.
The assignment is during the tests.
That's bad.
I've not been to my class for weeks.
I always sleep.
Gt up early.
It's hard.
Dont think like that.
Cause it bad.
Go on...
This thing...
Which thing?
I cant make it due to some reasons.
Oh...maybe there's something better waiting for you.
Easy for you to say.
What else?
My friend...
What about your friend?
Nothing...leave it.
What abut your friend?
It's just that...ah...
Wait...you know everything about me right?
Then why are you asking?
So that you can calm down.
I am calm.
I shouldnt have taken my job.
I think, that's the main reason for all these things.
But you enjoy working.
Yes, I do. But deep down inside, I felt this thing WOULD happen.
When I took the job a month ago.
But it would play of in the end right?
Lets see...I think it would. But I wont be on stage.
I'd be there for a while and go away.
I'm a coward.
No you aren't.
I know I am.
You're always annoyed.
I know.
Since months.
In a while, everything will be all right.
Why did you do that?
Havent you seen Source code?
You know about the dead terror---leave it.
But you'll be back.
I'm sure.
*scared* :S .... :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Cherry Tree

I saw 5 Centimeters Per Second last year, but I didn’t like it very much. Yesterday I was listening to its soundtrack, and started writing this. There are many references from the movie, and the quotes are from the movie as well.

Eh…it’s silly, but I wanted to write something. So…..


Spring. The trees were filled with bright green leaves. It had red cherries too. I remember how we used to pick those cherries from the backyard every year during spring. We still do it. But I kept wondering. What will happen now? Where will time take us? The green leaves dont last long. The cherries too.

I met her during fifth grade. It was not an actual meeting, I just happened to bump her because a friend of mine pushed me. I fell over her pushing her to the ground. Surprised and shocked to find that I fell over a girl, I stood up immediately. She was furious. She slapped me right on my left cheek. I turned all red, and cried in front on everyone. She didnt take pity on me, and walked away with her friends. I couldnt even face her for a few days. I dont know why, but after a week, I wrote a note and put it in her bag during lunch break. After the break, my eyes were all over her, and I caught a smile. She saw me. And showed me the note which I wrote. "Sorry :("

Her name was Kari. I met her when I was in the fifth grade, when I accidentally pushed her over. It just feels like yesterday. But time flies by. And we drift along with it. 5 years had passed, and we didnt spend a single day without talking to each other. We were the best of friends. We talked, laughed, cried together. We were always there for each other. We fought like husband and wife, but without any apologies we would start annoying each other again. But one day….

Summer. The bright leaves had turned lighter, and I found no cherries.

We both had opted for different courses. We wouldnt be in the same school now because her school was in the outskirts of the city, far away from my school and from my house. I was sad. But she wasnt. It was one of the best schools that taught that particular course which she had opted for. She was hopping around in happiness. But I wasnt. I felt mad at myself. How could I? But I couldnt hide the feeling from her, no matter how hard I tried. She noticed me and asked what had happened. I told her everything. She said I was acting dumb, that I thought too much. She said she was in the same city, and we would still be hanging out everyday like we always did. Everything would be the same. Except we would be in different schools. I cursed myself for being so stupid. I was happy for her. She was doing what she wanted. I apologized, and she slapped me in return. "Dont ever apologize. EVER."

Autumn. The leaves had turned to orange. They were shedding. All I could see was thin branches. Not a single green leaf and a cherry.

Two years had passed. And we knew what would happen next. We never talked about it, but deep down inside we knew. We had different goals in mind. We would have to follow separate roads to do what we wanted. One day, Kari and I had spent a whole day together. We spent time playing the guitar and harmonica in our usual place, near the riverside. It was just besides my house. We used to sit near the bank. If our neighbours didnt spot us there, they would ask us the reason. The neighbourhood has changed in the past few years, and they always used to cherish the moment when we used to sit near the river. We saw the setting sun. We talked, what we never talked about. About what we wanted to go after school's over. Indeed, we just knew that we would not be together in a few months. I told her how we used to talk about making our own band. But we didnt, even though we had played together for years. We talked about how we used to pick cherries since we were young infront of my house, and how come we didnt do it these two years. How in a few months, we would make new friends…..maybe best friends. She hugged me, and we sat there seeing the setting sun.

The Sun. The hottest part of the day is during the afternoon, when the sun is at its highest point. People get a lot of trouble and most of the them stay inside during the afternoon. Then just after a few hours, the hot sun eventually comes down, and the temperature becomes cool. People start coming out of their houses to relax. Then the sun sets, but not for long. Because it rises again the next morning with its orange morning rays of light.

A few months passed, and we got separated. She went to a college in the corner most part of the state, and I was still here. It's absurd how time flies by so quickly. For a few months, we missed each other like crazy, and we talked about meeting every day. We talked and talked for hours, never missing a single event in our everyday lives. But this didnt last long.

"The things I had to tell her...

The things I hoped she would listen to...

There were so many of them."

After a year, we stopped having conversations every day. Instead, we used to call each other once in a week. Then the week, turned in to two weeks, then a month. We drifted apart. I found out that she had found her guy. And at that time, I was positive. We weren’t best friends anymore. Time passed by, and we stopped having conversations entirely.

Winter. I could see snow through my window, outside. I remembered how we used to have those snow ball fights. We used to make snow mans and hide behind them for cover. I was so immersed in remembering the past that I went outside, with a wide smile and made a snowball.

But my smile went away, when I could find anyone to hit. Kari wasn’t there.

Months passed, and I took interest upon a certain girl and I hardly thought of Kari anymore.

Summer. The trees were filled with bright green leaves. It had red cherries too. I was day dreaming again, about those times. When...

A phone call. A familiar voice. She told me about the time when we used to pick the cherries from the tree. And said she really wanted to do it right now. Her new house, her new city, didnt have cherry trees. So, she told me to come outside. I was puzzled. But I went outside and my heart skipped a beat.

There she was. The same as always, but five years later. I couldnt recall the last time I saw her or even talked to her. But I hugged her. Tears fell from my eyes. “It’s time to pick up the cherries” she said.

We talked for hours and caught up. She was engaged. And had even gotten a job in a leading company. She was happy, and so was I. We talked about those days, and did all those things which we always did. We sat near the riverside, and and all the neighbours saw a familiar sight. A sight they always wished to see for five years, but couldnt.

Funny thing time. The people who we care about the most, though they have different paths, and even though we eventually forget them as we move on, deep down inside, there is a place for them. And we will always treasure it.


"Hey... They say it's five centimeters per second."

"What do you mean?"

"The speed at which the cherry blossom petals fall... Five centimeters per second."

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm back. And I want to write something. Not gibberish, something good. Something with aliens, time travel, mind control, thrill - a perfect action paced thriller. I'm still writing this so called "something". C'mon, think about your stories. To be honest, I have two to three good ones in my mind. Damn, there should be a mind typewriter. So we could just automatically type what we want to instead of thinking and writing it on our own :S

Eh...that can wait. I will continue with the nothing-ness. It's around 12:34 in the morning...uh night...no morning...Night :X Morning. Night. Morning. Night. AHHHH! Which reminds me of this. (Ahem...clip)

What am I having? Nescafe Mocha. Mo-cha cha cha cha. It's actually Mo-caa. Cha cha cha...One two cha cha cha. Three four cha cha cha. But really whats the difference. I mean, coffee, cappuccino, lattew, expresso, mocha are the same right? Right? RIGHT? Enjoy. (Eh...clip)
Tea is also good :D

This is a boring blog. And you're still reading it. I dont know why. WHY? :X GO AWAY :X You're still reading this. You're still reading this. You're STILL reading this. Ok, because you're my number one fan, I'll continue writing nothing.

Unexpected Ways Death can occur:

1. You're sleeping on your bed. Midninght. You're comfortable. You're right below the fan, and boom, the fan comes loose and it falls with it's spinning blades right over you. SCREECH BOOM. Your hand and legs get cut, or well...maybe your neck too. You die! R.I.P.
Please, be cautious from now on :|

2. A cat. A very cute cat. You pet it. Purrrrrr. Then SCREECH! It grabs your middle and tears..well...have you seen Sin City? The thing Bruce Willis does to the yellow guy? Well...that happens and you, well, you wont die, but you would want to, because of utter shame.

3. A barber uses his razor, and it cuts you so deep, that your neck totally gets cut too. RRRRiiipppppp!!!

Only three for now. More coming later. MWAHAHA!!!

Now where was I? Ah! Good ideas. I havent gotten anything yet. Wait a sec, I just said that I HAD some good ideas. Oh well...I will continue to write nothing!

Clip? Why do I say clip? Have you seen Family Guy? They show clips. You dont see Family Guy? BOO! See The Simpsons too. See Lost. See HIMYM. See Heroes only till Season 2 and Prison Break only till Season 2. Awesome stuff!

I want to see better. I want to see better! (Oh! I LOVE REPETITIONS!) But really, I want to see...better!

Which reminds me of something from my previous blog....!
Do I say it?
Do I not?
Well...its been a few months, so its the right time.
Well...of course.
But nah! Leave it! The time will come when it will happen.
Till then...forget about this and do the Haruhi Dance.

Gibberish. All gibberish! :X

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was a full moon day. I went to the terrace and was welcomed by a cool breeze. I rarely come to the terrace, and I dont remember the last time I came up here at night. I stood there, just admiring the moon. The bright moon casted its light upon the dark night. I looked closely and saw a light ring surrounding it. Beautiful.

I stood there for about 15 minutes, then decided to go back home. But when I got to the ground floor, I was greeted by a power cut this time. Not knowing what to do at home, I grabbed guitar and went outside.

Apart from the moonlight, there was total darkness. The moon lit the entire society. I could see a few people in the open courtyard. Old folks mostly in a group chatting, laughing at each othere's stories. I could see little children along with their siblings and parents, who came out here just like me, not doing what to do at home. I went near the garden area, there was nobody around. I could see a bench near the slides and swings separated into two parts. One part was lit by the moonlight, and the other wasnt. Not knowing why, I sat on the part where it was dark, and started playing my guitar.

I first started playing Yellow by Coldplay, because the sky was also filled with stars. After Yellow, I started playing The Scientist by Coldplay again. Right before finishing the song, I could feel someone besides me. I finished playing the song, and immediately heard an applause.
"Wow!! Amazing!" A girl's voice.
I turned around, but I couldnt see her face properly.
"You play the guitar really well."
There was something in her voice, I liked. I could make out her face now. I hadnt seen here before in my society.
"Thanks." I said. "I actually didnt notice you behind me. How long have been you standing?"
"Since you started playing Yellow. I heard your guitar from the courtyard."
"Oh, ok." I said with a smile. "Are you a Coldplay fan?"
"Yes, I sure am! Hard to find Coldplay fans here, right?"
"Definitely!" I said with excitement.
"Uh...hey why dont you sit down." I said.
"Uh, alright. Sure." She sat besides me. On the part where the moonlight shone.
I could finally see her face. My heart skipped a beat. Her eyes glowed brightly. She was very pretty.
"I, uh...I havent seen you here before."
"Nor have I" she said, with a laugh.
Her laugh.
"I..I...well, I dont actually come out often. I mean I do, but not here. The garden side."
"Well, then I guess, you havent seen many other people in the society as well."
"I guess." I said awkwardly.

After that, we started discussing about Coldplay, our favorite songs, our favorite bands. We were having a good time.
A moment came where we did not speak anything. We sat there awkwardly.
"Hey, do you know how to play A Message?" she said.
"Um, yes, I do."
"Can you play it? Can you play it?"
"Sure, I havent practiced it very much. I hope you like it."
I played the song. I was sitting on the dark side, and she on the moonlight part looking at me playing the guitar, smiling as her eyes glowed. She applauded again after I finished it.
"You're amazing!!!"
"Thanks" I said with a smile. "I normally play my guitar at home. I have rarely played it in front of my friends. So I get nervous sometimes." I started touching my hair. WHY? I cursed myself.

The lights came again. The courtyard lit up because of the lights, but the garden was still dark.
"Finally!" we both said aloud together.
We looked at each other and started laughing.
"I didnt catch your name" she said.
I said my name, and she told her's.
"Boy, I'm glad I met you!" she said with a smile.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ghost Who Wanted A Picture

A simple, somewhat weird and a different story I thought of one day. Tell me how it is. And I have written this story in a new narrative style.

The Ghost Who Wanted A Picture

Mark, a local photographer was living in a busy metropolis. Interested in people, he took pictures of kids and teenagers going to schools, family going on vacations, men and women carrying hurrying around in the city carrying briefcases, old couples holding hands and walking down the streets, enjoying their retired life, during the day. And drunken couples hanging out at the bars, men outside strip clubs, and gang members doing their own business during the night. He was making a living by taking photographs of people for years, but never before had he come across a certain person—a certain spirit perhaps, who wanted his own picture to be taken.

One night, Mark was following people taking photographs of people outside a local Pablo’s Bar. (All You Could Drink was its cheesy punch line) After taking a satisfactory number of pictures, he decided to call it a day. But a peculiar man caught his interest. He was a man who had a strange look on his face, and was carrying a big black plastic bag. Mark, immediately got his hands on his camera, and started following him. He was not ‘stalking’ him, but was only following him, because it was his job to take photographs of people. He followed the strange man across the street and a few blocks. The strange man walked taking long strides around looked around cautiously every time. So Mark had to stop once in a while before following him again. The strange man finally stopped near a dark alley. Perfect shot, Mark thought. But the strange man rushed inside a small shop besides the alley and closed the door shut behind him. Missed, Mark sighed. He looked at the boarding of the shop, but it was not a shop, it was a small company. Wilson’s Baking Company. (We make. We bake. We deliver; was its cheap punch line.) Mark thought what the strange man was carrying. He didn’t have a clue what it was, but it was none of his business anyway.

He looked around the alley. There was an old scooter besides Wilson’s and a cycle besides that. There was a stinking dumpster on one side and an out of business pawn shop (Mark couldn’t make out the name of the shop owning to the darkness) near the end. Apart from that, there was nothing. It was a normal stinking dark alley.

Suddenly, Mark heard a loud noise, which according to him, sounded like ‘CLAM!’ He heard it again, near the dumpster. Then he felt a light cool breeze and when he saw the dumpster again, a white figure was floating above it. Mark tried to scream and run away, but the ghost quieted him down and said it was not here to possess him. The ghost introduced himself as Philip Florence. A poor man who had turned into a small time criminal stealing and tricking people to get some food for his survival. But he ultimately died of hunger. It was his dream to have someone take his picture, but it was never fulfilled. Therefore seeing Mark holding his camera tightly, the ghost asked him to take a picture. Mark found it had to believe because a ghost was actually having a conversation with him. He blinked several times and pinched himself before assuring himself that he was not dreaming. He decided to obey the ghost by taking his picture as he was scared to death and his feet would obey his brain. The ghost posed for the camera and Mark took his picture immediately. But he was right, the ghost didn’t appear in the picture—because simple it was a ghost.

He told the ghost that he couldn’t take his picture properly with great care. He then prepared himself for something worse to happen. But Philip just floated there, with his sad eyes. He said that he had waited years to have his picture taken but now it dream wouldn’t come true. Mark calmed himself down. The ghost was harmless; he thought and tried to reassure him. But the ghost ignored Mark and thought of a new plan. He asked Mark to sketch a picture of him instead. At least, he would be visible in the sketch and he could keep it and see it whenever he wanted to. Mark was speechless. He thought that the ghost had lost his mind and told him that he was a photographer and not an artist. The ghost ignored him again and said in clear words what he wanted. Mark thought about it and came up with his own plan. He had a condition. He told the spirit that he would sketch a picture only if he got something in return—money; and lots of it. The ghost agreed to this condition immediately—because simple it was ghost. He could do anything and in the case steal money without people knowing about it. Damn, I should have demanded for more, Mark thought and cursed himself and told the ghost that he would come tomorrow night.

The next night in the same alley besides the closed pawn shop, Mark came again but not alone. He came along with a professional artist. He had extreme difficulties to convince him to come here at the middle of the night. In the end, he had to pay him double the original amount he demanded. They waited in the dark alley. Hours passed and Mark got frustrated calling the ghost. The artist couldn’t take it anymore and cursed Mark. He called him a psycho, and went away in spite of Mark calling him again and again. At that moment, the ghost appeared. Mark was devastated and asked why he didn’t appear. The ghost replied by saying that he had asked him to sketch a picture for him and not someone else. Mark argued and told that he was not an artist again. But the ignorant ghost asked him to come again the next night with a sketch board and scared him by saying that if he didn’t, he would possess him. Cursing himself for underestimating the ghost, Mark went away.

The next night, Mark saw a man with dark glasses besides Wilson’s talking in his cell silently. The man with the dark glasses totally ignored him and Mark rushed to the end of the alley with his sketch board. Mark wondered who the man was, and why he didn’t ask him anything. Must have been a nut from the bar, he thought. This time the ghost appeared in time. Mark got to work and Philip sat on the dumpster and posed for the sketch. Mark hoped his ninth grade drawing lessons would help him here. It took him 4 hours to finish the sketch according to the ghost’s demands. It was a horrible sketch, according to Mark, but the ghost was pretty much happy with it. But before the ghost could get hold of the sketch board, Mark asked for the money. The ghost thought for a while and saw the man with the glasses at the end of the alley. He was not alone this time and his body was covered in blood. Along with him there was a strange man whose hands were cuffed. Mark shouted at the ghost and followed him. The ghost pulled out the wallet of the man with the dark glasses and threw it to Mark and disappeared. The man with the dark glasses froze for a moment as he felt a cool breeze and went for his pocket. Then he saw Mark, with his wallet. He pulled out his gun and ordered Mark to put his hands up.

Meanwhile, the ghost happy that he got a picture of himself went back besides the pawn shop, took the sketch and floated away in peace leaving Mark who had a hard time convincing the man with the dark glasses that he wasn’t a thief.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

It is Time! or Is it Time? What IS THE TIME??

Am I ready?
Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.
I think I am.
No, I think I'm not.
Stop being so negative.
Stop being so POSITIVE!!
In life you should be optimistic!! Why are you a pessimist?
Am I a pessimist? :O
No :O
NO REALLY, I'm not!! :O
I, for God's sake, dont like depressed people at all!!!
I'm optimistic :D
OMG!!! WHAT AM I DOING?!!!? Coming back to the topic.
What do I say?
How do I say?
Any ideas?
You have ANY idea what I'm talking about?
No, then get an idea ( :D )
Anyway, back to topic, I still dont know why I'm feeling like this.
I dont know, maybe it's time.
Maybe I AM ready.
But I dont know.
What will happen if I say it?
But first of all, WHEN will I say it?
What will be the reaction when I say it?
I dont know >_>
That's why I'm thinking.
What am I thinking?
Can I give you any clue?
Find a blue paw print.
We'll play Blue's Clues.
"Cause it's Blues Clues...it's Blues Clues. We gotta find blue paw print, thats your first clue, and we put it in our notebook...!!"
You dont know who Blue is? :O Not even Steve and Magenta? YOU DONT KNOW STEVE?? With the green stripes t-shirt? Get outta here!!!
Coming BACK to the topic,.
I think its not the time.
I've gotta wait.
WAIT! OMG! I'm being observed.
I THINK I'm being observed.
Oh..no. Phew. Me and my "imaginations".
I gotta see what will happen.
See if I still likey likey or not.
Till then, I'll wait.
Likey Likey what?
It's not a bears snout.
No, it's not the gum Spout.
Then, what ARE you talking about?
Still dont have a clue? Then it means you havent found the paw print. C'mon, the show is only 22 minutes. You're wasting time. KIDDIUP!!!
Coming back to the topic.
It's a secret :D
Is it really a secret?
I guess you're getting a mood swing!
I just HATE people who have mood swings every time (Note: If you know me, then this IS a FACT. Yeah yeah, they will say you dont understand my situation bla bla bla bla...but I dont care. I dont like people who say "You wont understand bla bla bla)
Now, that was a big note.
Nothing wrong in stating facts right?
Are you asleep?
Wake up.
Wake up.
Oh, finally. Phew. I thought...I thought... :'(
Now, I wont tell my secret.
Which reminds me,
Coming back to the topic.
The secret WAS the topic right?
No it wasnt.
Yes, it was.
I think it wasnt.
I think it was.
*gets scared*
OMG! Ok, you win pal. *runs away*

Wait, what was this blog about again? O.o

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The King of Limbs

The new Radiohead album finally released a week back. The King of Limbs (their eight studio album) And I've gotta say, OMG! It's wonderful.

First song, I heard was Lotus Flower. Immediately loved it, when I saw Thom Yorke dancing :D

But my favorite from the whole album has gotta be Give up the Ghost and Separator.

Give up the Ghost. Listen to this song at night time. For the first time, I literally got transported to another world. I felt like I was in a dark world, a dark forest during night time, besides a river, and after every few strums of the guitar, I could feel the little ripples of water. And I could even feel leaves falling over my shoulder.
Beautiful music.

Separator. The lyrics goes like this, It's like I'm falling out of bed. From a long, weary dream. But when listening to the song, you actually feel like you're in a dream. I felt like I'm drifting somewhere in space.

Go Radiohead!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(P.S. I wrote this first, and then typed it...so...many references...)
Does someone write P.S. in the beginning? :|


I dont know what to write. My mind is on a writer's strike. Though I dont have anything to write, my pen is making my hand move.... :| Wait, that didn’t sound right, my hand is making my pen move. I still have nothing to write, but I’m still writing. Why am I writing? STOP! Why am I STILL writing? OK, JUST STOP! AHHH!!! My pen has mysterious dark powers, It is controlling my hand…! My hand wont ever stop now! I would keep on writing till I get married. Oh :| Or until the refill gets over :|

Marriage? >_> Hmm…it has 4 vowels. You don’t know what vowels are? :O There are 5 of em, a, e, I, o, u. Sometimes Y is a vowel too :| I remember one time when I wrote “an year” and people started attacking me that it should be “a year” and that “y isn’t a vowel.” Then I counter attacked and showed them a link which my best friend Google had. Then they were like this :|….

:| I think this is my favorite smiley :| See, I keep on using it again and again :| See, again :| Again! :O Ok :|

I still don’t have anything to write. I have great ideas in my head, but I want that *drum beats* SPARK!! I’m falling asleep. Zzzzzzz. Why do we write zzzzz? We don’t make noise that goes like zzzzz when we sleep. A snore sounds like S~N~O~R~E. Hmmm…..the word rose is in Snore :O Even Ron (:S), On, NOS (:S)

Gibberish! All gibberish!!

Knock Knock!
Who’s there?
Womp who?
You womp be able to write good stuff ever again!!! *evil laugh*

Me: Noooooooooooo!!!!
Womp: Yes! I will curse you in such a way that you wont be able to writer good stuff ever again!
Me: Uh…you just said that >_>
Womp: *roars*
Me: WHOA! I thought you were a witch. You roar?
Womp: I will curse you in such a way—
Me: ..that you wont be able to write good stuff ever again! *roars*
Womp: Even in your exam….
Me: *thinks* Well…that’s good. I want that to happen. I hate it when people call me a scholar anyway (though I’m not but they don’t believe it)

*pointless conversation continues until Womp finally gives up and disappears from my doorstep* Poor chap, should have invited him in atleast.

*turns on the PC and plays the Sims*
One wonderful game. You earn and get a job in a jiffy. You make friends in a jiffy. You make girlfriends in a jiffy. You make love in a jiffy. Get married, have babies, and die in a jiffy.
*conditions applied. The length of the jiffy is subjected to change whenever you change the time settings.*

I’m still writing. I think I should really stop now. Should I? I think I should. *places pen on book. But the pen magically returns to my hand* :O
AHHH!!! AHHHHHHH!!! A MAGICAL PEN!!! It really has dark powers.
RIP Viveck. You would be remembered as the guy who wrote too much.

*waits to be taken to heaven, but goes to hell instead* :O
WAIT, DON’T TAKE ME! I’m a good guy!!! *Thousands of devil hands try to drag me inside*
Nooo!!! I won’t let you. *acts like Kratos and escaped the hands of thousands of devils. Enters earth again*

WHO DID THIS TO ME? I WILL GET MY REVENGE! Wait a sec, I was supposed to be dead :| Oh well, new life. YAY!

*thinks* Instead of writing gibberish, I should have written a good new story*

Wait..Womp failed to curse me. So why am I still writing? Why is the pen still controlling my hand? :O

PEN! *I shout*
WHAT? *it replies*
Pen: Of course I do idiot. I’m tired of writing all this nonsense.
Me: Then stop writing.
Pen: I cant douchebag!
Me: Whaaaa?
Pen: Don’t whaa me idiot! It controls me. My heart controls me. You have to remove it, so that me can be free.
*Heart? Pen’s have feelings? They love, and even have se--*
Me: >_> How…do…I…do…that? *awkwardly*
Pen: You remove my heart. Open my bottom and remove my heart.
Me: *I understood….the refill.*
Pen: But you’d die Pen…do you want that?
Pen: Oh shut up will you? And let me be free.
Me: Really? Are you sure?
Pen: Of course, you fuking idiot!
*Great! I get abused by my pen*
Me: If that’s what you want.
*carefully I open his bottom… :| his “bottom” OMG! I hope he doesn’t get turned on. I slid my hand inside…OMG!....and pull out the refill and threw it away quickly*

The pen lay lifeless. Poor thing. He had to write all the gibberish in the end. Well…the good thing is that his last moments were “exciting” *I turned a pen on :| Eeww!*

Oh boy! Now I AM FREE! With the pen gone…WAIT A SEC! I’M STILL HOLDING THE PEN!!! HELPPPPP!!!!!!