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Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was a full moon day. I went to the terrace and was welcomed by a cool breeze. I rarely come to the terrace, and I dont remember the last time I came up here at night. I stood there, just admiring the moon. The bright moon casted its light upon the dark night. I looked closely and saw a light ring surrounding it. Beautiful.

I stood there for about 15 minutes, then decided to go back home. But when I got to the ground floor, I was greeted by a power cut this time. Not knowing what to do at home, I grabbed guitar and went outside.

Apart from the moonlight, there was total darkness. The moon lit the entire society. I could see a few people in the open courtyard. Old folks mostly in a group chatting, laughing at each othere's stories. I could see little children along with their siblings and parents, who came out here just like me, not doing what to do at home. I went near the garden area, there was nobody around. I could see a bench near the slides and swings separated into two parts. One part was lit by the moonlight, and the other wasnt. Not knowing why, I sat on the part where it was dark, and started playing my guitar.

I first started playing Yellow by Coldplay, because the sky was also filled with stars. After Yellow, I started playing The Scientist by Coldplay again. Right before finishing the song, I could feel someone besides me. I finished playing the song, and immediately heard an applause.
"Wow!! Amazing!" A girl's voice.
I turned around, but I couldnt see her face properly.
"You play the guitar really well."
There was something in her voice, I liked. I could make out her face now. I hadnt seen here before in my society.
"Thanks." I said. "I actually didnt notice you behind me. How long have been you standing?"
"Since you started playing Yellow. I heard your guitar from the courtyard."
"Oh, ok." I said with a smile. "Are you a Coldplay fan?"
"Yes, I sure am! Hard to find Coldplay fans here, right?"
"Definitely!" I said with excitement.
"Uh...hey why dont you sit down." I said.
"Uh, alright. Sure." She sat besides me. On the part where the moonlight shone.
I could finally see her face. My heart skipped a beat. Her eyes glowed brightly. She was very pretty.
"I, uh...I havent seen you here before."
"Nor have I" she said, with a laugh.
Her laugh.
"I..I...well, I dont actually come out often. I mean I do, but not here. The garden side."
"Well, then I guess, you havent seen many other people in the society as well."
"I guess." I said awkwardly.

After that, we started discussing about Coldplay, our favorite songs, our favorite bands. We were having a good time.
A moment came where we did not speak anything. We sat there awkwardly.
"Hey, do you know how to play A Message?" she said.
"Um, yes, I do."
"Can you play it? Can you play it?"
"Sure, I havent practiced it very much. I hope you like it."
I played the song. I was sitting on the dark side, and she on the moonlight part looking at me playing the guitar, smiling as her eyes glowed. She applauded again after I finished it.
"You're amazing!!!"
"Thanks" I said with a smile. "I normally play my guitar at home. I have rarely played it in front of my friends. So I get nervous sometimes." I started touching my hair. WHY? I cursed myself.

The lights came again. The courtyard lit up because of the lights, but the garden was still dark.
"Finally!" we both said aloud together.
We looked at each other and started laughing.
"I didnt catch your name" she said.
I said my name, and she told her's.
"Boy, I'm glad I met you!" she said with a smile.