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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The King of Limbs

The new Radiohead album finally released a week back. The King of Limbs (their eight studio album) And I've gotta say, OMG! It's wonderful.

First song, I heard was Lotus Flower. Immediately loved it, when I saw Thom Yorke dancing :D

But my favorite from the whole album has gotta be Give up the Ghost and Separator.

Give up the Ghost. Listen to this song at night time. For the first time, I literally got transported to another world. I felt like I was in a dark world, a dark forest during night time, besides a river, and after every few strums of the guitar, I could feel the little ripples of water. And I could even feel leaves falling over my shoulder.
Beautiful music.

Separator. The lyrics goes like this, It's like I'm falling out of bed. From a long, weary dream. But when listening to the song, you actually feel like you're in a dream. I felt like I'm drifting somewhere in space.

Go Radiohead!!!


  1. King of Limbs is an amazing album that can be listened to in one go without getting bored or faling asleep.
    I think the short length of the album(less than 40 minutes) is intentional and part of their attempts to make experimental music more accessible =D

    My faves are...hell, I like all of them. They kept shifting..from Lotus flower to Morning MrMagpie to Little by Little to Bloom to...uh. -_-

  2. Agreed. It's a wonderful album!!! I'd write another blog too of Radiohead :)

  3. i wrote a long monologue on it. wonder if anyone read it :P