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Saturday, March 5, 2011

It is Time! or Is it Time? What IS THE TIME??

Am I ready?
Yes, I am.
No, I'm not.
I think I am.
No, I think I'm not.
Stop being so negative.
Stop being so POSITIVE!!
In life you should be optimistic!! Why are you a pessimist?
Am I a pessimist? :O
No :O
NO REALLY, I'm not!! :O
I, for God's sake, dont like depressed people at all!!!
I'm optimistic :D
OMG!!! WHAT AM I DOING?!!!? Coming back to the topic.
What do I say?
How do I say?
Any ideas?
You have ANY idea what I'm talking about?
No, then get an idea ( :D )
Anyway, back to topic, I still dont know why I'm feeling like this.
I dont know, maybe it's time.
Maybe I AM ready.
But I dont know.
What will happen if I say it?
But first of all, WHEN will I say it?
What will be the reaction when I say it?
I dont know >_>
That's why I'm thinking.
What am I thinking?
Can I give you any clue?
Find a blue paw print.
We'll play Blue's Clues.
"Cause it's Blues Clues...it's Blues Clues. We gotta find blue paw print, thats your first clue, and we put it in our notebook...!!"
You dont know who Blue is? :O Not even Steve and Magenta? YOU DONT KNOW STEVE?? With the green stripes t-shirt? Get outta here!!!
Coming BACK to the topic,.
I think its not the time.
I've gotta wait.
WAIT! OMG! I'm being observed.
I THINK I'm being observed.
Oh..no. Phew. Me and my "imaginations".
I gotta see what will happen.
See if I still likey likey or not.
Till then, I'll wait.
Likey Likey what?
It's not a bears snout.
No, it's not the gum Spout.
Then, what ARE you talking about?
Still dont have a clue? Then it means you havent found the paw print. C'mon, the show is only 22 minutes. You're wasting time. KIDDIUP!!!
Coming back to the topic.
It's a secret :D
Is it really a secret?
I guess you're getting a mood swing!
I just HATE people who have mood swings every time (Note: If you know me, then this IS a FACT. Yeah yeah, they will say you dont understand my situation bla bla bla bla...but I dont care. I dont like people who say "You wont understand bla bla bla)
Now, that was a big note.
Nothing wrong in stating facts right?
Are you asleep?
Wake up.
Wake up.
Oh, finally. Phew. I thought...I thought... :'(
Now, I wont tell my secret.
Which reminds me,
Coming back to the topic.
The secret WAS the topic right?
No it wasnt.
Yes, it was.
I think it wasnt.
I think it was.
*gets scared*
OMG! Ok, you win pal. *runs away*

Wait, what was this blog about again? O.o

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