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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I'm back. And I want to write something. Not gibberish, something good. Something with aliens, time travel, mind control, thrill - a perfect action paced thriller. I'm still writing this so called "something". C'mon, think about your stories. To be honest, I have two to three good ones in my mind. Damn, there should be a mind typewriter. So we could just automatically type what we want to instead of thinking and writing it on our own :S

Eh...that can wait. I will continue with the nothing-ness. It's around 12:34 in the morning...uh night...no morning...Night :X Morning. Night. Morning. Night. AHHHH! Which reminds me of this. (Ahem...clip)

What am I having? Nescafe Mocha. Mo-cha cha cha cha. It's actually Mo-caa. Cha cha cha...One two cha cha cha. Three four cha cha cha. But really whats the difference. I mean, coffee, cappuccino, lattew, expresso, mocha are the same right? Right? RIGHT? Enjoy. (Eh...clip)
Tea is also good :D

This is a boring blog. And you're still reading it. I dont know why. WHY? :X GO AWAY :X You're still reading this. You're still reading this. You're STILL reading this. Ok, because you're my number one fan, I'll continue writing nothing.

Unexpected Ways Death can occur:

1. You're sleeping on your bed. Midninght. You're comfortable. You're right below the fan, and boom, the fan comes loose and it falls with it's spinning blades right over you. SCREECH BOOM. Your hand and legs get cut, or well...maybe your neck too. You die! R.I.P.
Please, be cautious from now on :|

2. A cat. A very cute cat. You pet it. Purrrrrr. Then SCREECH! It grabs your middle and tears..well...have you seen Sin City? The thing Bruce Willis does to the yellow guy? Well...that happens and you, well, you wont die, but you would want to, because of utter shame.

3. A barber uses his razor, and it cuts you so deep, that your neck totally gets cut too. RRRRiiipppppp!!!

Only three for now. More coming later. MWAHAHA!!!

Now where was I? Ah! Good ideas. I havent gotten anything yet. Wait a sec, I just said that I HAD some good ideas. Oh well...I will continue to write nothing!

Clip? Why do I say clip? Have you seen Family Guy? They show clips. You dont see Family Guy? BOO! See The Simpsons too. See Lost. See HIMYM. See Heroes only till Season 2 and Prison Break only till Season 2. Awesome stuff!

I want to see better. I want to see better! (Oh! I LOVE REPETITIONS!) But really, I want to see...better!

Which reminds me of something from my previous blog....!
Do I say it?
Do I not?
Well...its been a few months, so its the right time.
Well...of course.
But nah! Leave it! The time will come when it will happen.
Till then...forget about this and do the Haruhi Dance.

Gibberish. All gibberish! :X