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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rain!! :D

What a wonderful way to start a day. Well...when I woke up, there was no current. But the weather was cool, so I went outside to see Rain!!! Yes. Finally. Monsoon is here, and about time too!!! The temperature was 45.C-47.C here, I was in a microwave for days :X

There was no current, so I took some videos of the rain from my balcony. But then, I went outside in the rain and started clicking some more pics :D I love to walk in the rain :D And also, in the morning!!

And in some pics, the society in which I live, looked like a resort!!! My society completely changes during rainy season. There are trees all over the place, but water-logging problem -__-

Went back home. And then, started listening to some Coldplay songs. Perfect time to hear them. Sparks, A Message, Swallowed in the Sea, The Scientist. (BTW Coldplay is the best band EVER!!)

Rainy season sure reminds me of many things.

1. Max Payne 1 and 2. Completed both of these games in the rainy season, and that too, during the year in which Vadodara was half flooded! And the game even had a rainy feel to it (there was a snow storm in the game haha)

2. Honey and Clover. One of my favorite anime. Saw it for the first time during the month of June 2 years back! Whenever I listen to Waltz, I remember the rainy days when I used to listen to this song again and again (and I still do)

3. Toradora. Another one of my favorites! The episode in which it rained heavily, episode 5 I think, the episode in which Ami is introduced.

4. PoP:The Two Thrones. Last year, during "monsoon" vacation, I completed the game in one go!! Played continuously for 6 hours!!

5. Shadow of the Colossus. The EPIC EPIC EPIC final fight with the 16th colossus!!! Perfect scene for a boss fight. Dark, cloudy, and stormy weather it was in the game when I killed the final colossus! (in the game)

And some more things, which I dont remember now -__-

Anyway, the rain stopped. But it was still cloudy (it STILL is, and I love it!!) When I was walking in the rain, I got some new ideas for my new story (ahem...it's a light/romantic story, but I dont think it will turn out to be good -_-)

Then the lights came back. Bummer. Normal day begins again!! Bummer!!

In the evening too, me and my friend, after giving the BCA exam, went out to eat in the cloudy weather :D Then again went out for guitar classes in the cool weather!! I thought of going for a walk again during night time, but didnt!!

That's all for now. It sure feels weird here. I have written about 385 blogs in Gamespot. Sure feels different. Maye I should copy, paste this blog in GS? I feel like betraying Gamespot! O_O

P.S. I like listening to these "sound of rain" songs or sounds, or whatever they call it!!

P.S.2. Should I really stop blogging in Gamespot? :O

P.S.3. I hate changes. Really do!! :X

P.S.4. Not "seasonal" changes!


  1. Hey Viveck,
    Rain is more than just welcome after the torture of summer. I'm having a good time too =)
    Photography is fun. We share interest in it!

    Keep Blogging,

  2. Indeed, every season has a set of memories associated with it and whenever the new season comes you get flashbacks.

    By the time the present season ends you are looking forward to the next one and when the next one comes, first thing that comes with it are the memories associated with that.

    But just like the previous season, you start looking for the season to change after you 70% through its cycle :P

    Or maybe its just me, just like my hair style. When its freshly cut, people think OMG New look! and by the time I get my hair cut again, its sure huge and people forget that I had short hair.

    Its a cycle :P

    Imma gonna play some Heavy Rain soon!

  3. @Sumanth - We do share interest in photography :D :D And now, rains have disappeared again. Summer is back :S

    @Reetesh - Interesting cycle. You're right. Every season has certain memory associated with it. :)