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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Social Networking Websites

Eh....just thought about writing something about social networking website.

To be honest, people are not what they seem. I mean, people act differently in the virtual world and act differently in reality. I have not met people like these before. That is why, I just don't add "random" people in websites.

And many people do find it weird, when one talks about online friends. What's the problem in that? I have a few good online friends, to be honest, I considered them as really good friends. We talk a lot, share our life stories and all :P (YOU GUYS ROCK!! :D) I even think about visiting some of them one day. I might just visit 2 of my friends after June :D Can't wait to talk to them!!

And we follow each other everywhere. I met my friends in Gamespot, then we met in Orkut, then Facebook, and then Twitter :P We are everywhere :P


Anyway, whenever I see articles of social newtowrking websites in newspapers, most of then are "rants" They say how these websites harm the young generation. Eg. the kidnappings, the murders. But it's their fault. Those people are just choosing "random"/"wrong" friends! Choose your friends properly!!

And these websites are surely addictive. I visit Twitter and FB, uh...I dont know how many times a day!! :P I even hear that there are rehabilitation centers for those who are suffering from FB addiction! I dont know if it's true or not, but I'm not like then, I assure you.

Just wanted to share my opinion. There were 45 presentation topics for BBA, and in it was "the influence of social networking websites". :P So I just wrote about it here, in a nutshell. hehe.


  1. Wow...nice way to rehearse your speech :P

    You're right about it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to OUR choices. Not just online...almost every situation in one's life.

    I don't think I'm addicted to facebook or twitter. Probably i was, but i got over it with the exams looming over my head =)

  2. Yes :P

    Yes, it's our choices. And the media blames "everyone as a Whole". They say we are the bad guys, for those criminal activities.

    Take the example of gaming too. Most of the time, in newspapers, the media says "gaming is useless, ruining the life of the young people" But not all articles are like that. :)

    Even I am not addicted to Twitter and FB, but I do visit it many times a day.