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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stupid Blog.

8.45AM. Alarm. *Snooze*
8.55AM. Alarm. *Snooze*
9:05AM. Alarm. Mobile Alarm. *Snooze*
9:10AM. Mobile Alarm. *Turns off*
9:15AM. Alarm. *Turns off*
10:30AM. Wakes up.

I 'try' to wake up. Then close my eyes again, but after a while I get up and turn on the monitor screen of my PC with my sleepy eyes. Before that I check my cellphone. Fwd good morning messages. And some spam messages. (Hmm...) I The first think I do is click on my Facebook bookmark. And open Twitter, IMDB and Wikipedia in multiple tabs. (Yes, I'll explain every detail :x Cause this is a stupid blog)

Hmm....5 notifications. Oh, new photos to see. Oh he looks drunk. Hey, she's cute. Why why WHY do they tag me in unnecessary photos? OMG! Why do they say "thanks for the tag"? Everywhere I see there's thnx, thnxx, thnxxxxxxxxxx, thnkssssssssssssss.

Twitter. #nowplaying Runaway by The National. (Wait a sec, this is blogger , not twitter you idiot) I see the trending topics. #boomshakalaka. Oh yeah!! IMDB. New pictures, cool. *clicks on movie page* *gives rating* *sees IMB answers*

Note : When I see a "difficult to understand movie" (eg, Christopher Nolan movies) I research about it. I visit Wiki and IMDB. See the synopsis and everything. Then, I see the movie. After seeing the movie, if I say "Hey, I dont get this part. Why did he do such a thing", the first thing I do is go to IMDB answers. And then I say "Oh! Now I get it!!!"

Wikipedia. I go through the featured article and the picture of the day. If something is good, I click on it and go through it again....in detail! I see the pictures again...in detail.

I get up. Brush my teeth. (Yep, I open my FB first *rolls eyes*) I turn on my monitor screen again. Listen to some songs while surfing the net...and FB'ing...again.

Note: My favorite bands: Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Spoon, Green Day, The Killers, Arcade Fire, The Beatles, and Oasis.

I go to my room, and start playing my guitar ( :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ). I turn on my speakers, and cover some songs. (About a Girl and A Lonely September, Yellow cover coming soon) The first thing I do when I have my guitar with me is play the little solo of 505. For those of you who have a guitar with you now, here are the tabs. High E string. 12-10-8-7-5. Then, I play the A chord.

I go outside for a round to buy some stuff. I am greeted by just three words by everyone. "Where's your hair??" (It went for a walk....a loooooong walk :D) My friends, the neighbours, the watchman, the car washed-wala, the fruit wala, the rikshaw wala. Everyone asked me the same question. (One guy even said that, you shouldnt have cut your hair. You were my role model.)

Note: I hadnt cut my hair for 4 months, and when you decide to grow your hair, you will get all sorts of comments from everyone. You're looking like a star from the '70s. (Hey, alteast I look like a star.) And comments like, "OMG! You're looking like a girl. Look at your messy hair. CUT IT NOW!!!! One time, an employee in a petrol pump said, "Oh! Look at your hair. It's the new style or what?" And another guy from a cafe said, "Oh wow! You're looking like that guy from those hair gel advertisements. (I dont apply gel, but still...) You feel good when you get comments like these :P

Now, I'm waiting for everyone to say "OMG! LOOK AT YOUR HAIR!" in college after a few days. Sigh!! Hey, everyone cuts their hair. Chris Martin had long hair, now he's almost bald. And the reverse for Alex Turner. Look at Eames. Look at Jamie Cook...not now. But you should have seen him 2 years before :P Look at Homer. Who has (( as hair. Look at EMMA WATSON!! Next haircut : March.

I reach home. Think of a new story. Hmmm...yes, yes, this is good. Finally, got a new story to write. He will do this, now he will do this, he gets killed...ZzZZZZZZzzzz......I doze off. When I wake up, I cry out loud, "Hey, I forgot my own story!!!"

In the evening I go for my guitar class. Love it! Meet all folks and a good friend who I can discuss music with and even jam with :D (Currently learning sheet music :D)

Note: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Nighttime. Thinking of a movie to see. Hmm....I have seen 14 movies so far this month. (Seen Inception 6 times already. I HAD TO SAY THIS :D) I see some zombie movies. Zombieland, Shaun of the dead, Dawn of the Dead. Best I have seen so far this month is Pulp Fiction. (Apart from Inception)

I read a zombie book Cell. Then think of a new story. Hey...yes, yes. Finally! He goes to the bank to get money, he bumps into a man with a gun...ZzZZZZzzzzz.....I doze off.

Next day. DAMN! Forgot my story again!!!

Stupid blog this.


  1. Awesome!! I m in love with this blog vivek..!!
    Its great...

    Oh... your cut boy!! Now.. i'll like it..

    Inception??? - YOu maD!! but..DON'T GET OVER THIS :D :D :D

    Guitar- Want to hear some SHEET music soon:D

    Amazingly written.. . You knw.. Feel aa rahi hai.. ha ha :D :D

  2. Thanks :D
    This is how a weirdo like me spends a day :P

    I just cant get enough of Inception. It's the greatest movie ever made imo. No exaggerations! Nolan is a genius.

    I want to perform one day....really :|

    "Feeling aa rahi hai?" :D :D :P