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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friendship Day??

Happy Friendship Day everyone...NOT.

Why do we celebrate friendship day? Why do we have to tell that we are someone's friend during this day? Do we need to prove our friendship during this day? And why do we have to wear those friendship bands? Do we really have to prove our friendship by giving friends friendship bands?

I think not. Foe me, there's no need of celebrating Friendship Day. Not because I hate it, it's just because we celebrate it everyday. Earlier, I used to like those shining friendship bands, and those variety of other bands. And I was sometimes jealous when I saw people wearing more friendship bands than me (uh...not always...just sometimes -__-) But now when I think of it, I was acting stupid.

Without my friends, my life is incomplete. I dont know...dont have the slightest clue of how would I be now, and where would I be now, without my friends. I think I would be a totally different person.

Friends are everything. They are an important part of our lives. We have a fight with our friends, but just within hours, we start talking again, WITHOUT saying sorry. Friendship doesnt need the "five letter s word" at all. Sometimes we feel like we dont want to meet our friends, but when we meet them, we feel like spending time with them for hours.

I have a fat friend, a friend who works out a lot, a computer addict, a friend who gets angry within seconds (It's scary...seriously!), a music lover, a friend who talks on the mobile a lot (Even when he is driving!!), a friend who is ambitious, a photographer, a good artist, a singer, a dancer, a friend who is always hungry, and a friend who is ready to do crazy things anytime. These guys can make me smile even in the most depressing situation :D

You really learn a lot from your friends. To be honest, 2010 was kinda a tough year for me. During this time, I realized who my true friends really were. My friends were always there for me, and always will be :D

One bad thing about friendship is that, time flies by so quickly when we are spending time with out friends. Two hours feels like two minutes. Even after being in a stupid/crazy/scary/dangerous situation, we laugh out loud in the end.

When you have close friends, you talk about anything and everything And it always happens that, we forget to say particular things to our friends when we meet them.

Sometimes, I smile for no reason, but there IS a reason behind it. I smile because I have such "awesome" people in my life.

So a toast to my friends--YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD! :D :D

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